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    We often seek out foreign destinations to enjoy the god’s gift of nature. However, not many know that India itself is one of the most blessed countries when it comes to natural biodiversity. One of such beautiful examples is the Spiti Valley- a cold dessert mountain in the north eastern part of Himalayas. Spiti which literally means “in the middle of the land” is situated between Tibet & India and in last few years it has witnessed some huge popularity.

    The place is considered to be largely Buddhist culture dominated. Over the years it has made a name for itself as one of the most hospitable and quiet villages of India. Such is the beauty of this mountainous place, famous novelist Rudyard Kipling quoted “Spiti is a world within a world, it’s a place where the gods live”

    The rugged mountains, surreal moonscapes which for a moment seems unbelievable, the Himalayan lakes, the pure air and dense highlands blessed with enchanting prayers in thousand year old monasteries makes it a must visit place! The tourism has witnessed a huge surge in last 7-8 years and unearthed this hidden untouched beauty.

    Because Spiti is situated at high altitudes, it’s usually cold throughout the year with less than zero temperature most of the time. The best time to travel Spiti is during May-June when temperature is between 10-20 degree Celsius. During the months of December to February, the temperatures fall upto -20 degrees which is also one experience to cherish. However, to travel during winter, one must have good immunity and stamina to survive under intense temperatures. The ideal time to visit the majestic Spiti Valley is between May to September & you must ensure you have all the warm woolen clothes packed or else things can get difficult!

    Must Visit places when you travel Spiti Valley-

    Sangla Valley – At a distance of 220 kms from Shimla, on the banks of River Baspa lies the Sangla Village. Famous for its apple orchards and Cherry Trees, this is the most charming valleys of the Kinnaur District. Embraced by green mountains and with snow peaks, this becomes a perfect place to stay. The foodies can gorge on the trout fish which is extremely popular here.

    Chitkul Village – At the altitude of approx 11000 ft and about 28 kms from Sangla the road is extremely steep, narrow and though!! But once you reach the last village – Chitkul its all worth it. An enchanting Hamlet which will make you feel actually being in the lap of the Grand Himalayas!! A beautiful village with a history and with humble and welcoming local people is an overwhelming experience!!

    TABO- A small village in the heart of Spiti famous for its ancient monastery which is around thousand years old. It dates back to 996 A.D and comprises of 9 magical temples, 23 chortens, a nuns chamber & a monk’s chamber. This place is very magical, enlightening and is considered to relive a lot of stress.

    Dhankar Monastery- The Dhankar Monastery served as the castle for the de-facto ruler Nano back then. The engineering marvel of spitians can be witnessed by visiting this place.

    Key, Kibber, Komik, Hikkim & Langza Villages – A day excursion from Kaza to all 4 villages takes you through winding roads, higher altitudes and mesmerizing views!!
    Key Monastery – Established in 11th Century, and located next to the Spiti River on a hill at an altitude of 13668 ft, it’s the biggest monastery of Spiti Valley and a training center for Lamas.
    Kibber Village – This small village is located at an altitude of 4205 meters which makes it one of the highest inhabited villages in India. If you ever thought, blue sheep, snow leopards and ibex have gone extinct then do visit this place as nature is still thriving at its best at Kibber Village.
    Komik Village – Literal meaning being ‘Eye of Snow cock’ komik (15027 ft) is the highest village in the world connected with a motorable road.
    Hikkim Village – This is also one of the high-altitude villages of Spiti and has a Highest functioning Post Office in the World at an altitude of 14400 ft. The post office connects all small villages in this region to the rest of the world. The mail is carried by foot to Kaza city (46 kms) and is closed during winter months due to heavy snowfall. You can mail postcards to yourself, friends and family from this post office.
    Langza Village – A huge & beautiful Buddha statue welcomes you to this village which is also popularly known as Fossil Village. It is believed that Spiti Valley was submerged in the Tethys sea millions of years ago and hence the presence of these fossils!!

    Chandra Taal- Chandra Taal means “Lake of the Moon” and it is given such a special name because of its crystal-clear water body situated in the magnificent crescent shape high up in the valley. Located at 14100 ft it’s a sweet water lake which gets filled by ground water!! Though it’s not easy to get permission here, many movie shootings have also been conducted at this place.